XAML vs. Standards

John Evdemon (Microsoft Architect) notes in a recent forums post:

Regarding WF, the underlying XML representation is XAML.  Why did we choose XAML instead of BPEL or some other standard?  Simple – XAML enables us to avoid the constraints imposed by a focusing on a single standard (e.g. BPEL lacks human workflow and sub-processes).  WF is capable of supporting multiple standards

  • A BPEL 1.1 import/export tool is currently being tested and will be released later this year.
  • We are in talks with partners to add BPMN modeling for WF
  • I am aware of a couple of projects looking at XPDL and BPSS for WF
  • The custom loader (I believe it becomes available in Beta 2.1) enables us to directly transform a BP standard to an executable representation, possibly enabling support for executable BPEL.

About Panos

My name is Panos Kokkinidis and I am R&D Manager in Relational S.A., Athens, Greece.
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