Workflow (WF) Screencasts

  1. Your first sequential workflow
  2. Your first state machine workflow
  3. Running workflows in your .NET applications: Matt covers the basic steps to host workflows in your applications.  He covers the basic hosting steps in a console application, then jump in and run a workflow in an ASP.NET application. 
  4. Using persistence services in WF: Matt presents the basics of add persistence services into the workflow runtime using code or configuration.  Additionally, to show off the power of this feature in Windows WF, he uses two different host processes sharing a persistence store: the first host starts a workflow and then it persists, while the second host picks up the workflow after its configured delay and resumes the processing.
  5. Using the WCF Receive Activity in a workflow: Learn how to use the Receive activity in your workflows to implement WCF services as workflows. In addition, see how to use the WorkflowServiceHost class to host your workflow as a service.
  6. Using the WCF Send activity in Windows Workflow Foundation: Matt Milner presents  the basics of using the Send activity to consume a service from a workflow using WCF. 
  7. Creating Custom Activities:Matt Milner presents  the basics of creating custom leaf activities including how to use Dependency Properties to make your properties bindable.

About Panos

My name is Panos Kokkinidis and I am R&D Manager in Relational S.A., Athens, Greece.
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