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Why BPEL is not the holy grail for BPM [P. Vigneras, Oct 21, 2008] BPMN-BPEL in Perspective: [B. Silver, Oct 25, 2008] Directly Executing BPMN [K. Swenson, Oct 29, 2008] Advertisements

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BPMN usage and tips

Are Floating Intermediate Events Valid? The issue is an intermediate event (e.g., message or timer) “floating” in a process or expanded subprocess alongside the regular flow, the one bounded by start and end events.  The floating event has a sequence flow … Continue reading

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Arbitrary loops (GOTO activities) in sequential workflows

The following BPMN diagram presents a situation where there is an arbitrary loop with two entry points (one before Task A and one before Task B) and one exit point (after Task C). In situations like that it is not … Continue reading

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Marlon Dumas on BPMN-BPEL round-trip engineering

This is a copy of a very interesting answer of Marlon Dumas in the Workflow Research Forums: The approach taken in eClarus is promising. However, I am afraid that this approach will break when it gets to BPMN processes where … Continue reading

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BPM Market Overview

OMG created a page as a follow up to the information provided at the Think Tank workshop held on May 23-25th 2006. From the keynote “BPM Market Overview” presented by Connie Moore, Vice President and Research Director of Forrester Information … Continue reading

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BPMN-WF Mapping: The GOTO problem

I expected that the transformation of a BPMN diagram to a WF workflow would be accomplished by mapping each BPMN Process to a Sequential Workflow. But, there is a structural difference between the BPMN diagram and the Sequential Workflow. The … Continue reading

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Mapping BPMN Graphical Objects to WF Activities

(Draft, to-be-updated post) Activities BPMN Windows Workflow Foundation Process Sub-Process Maps to any CompositeActivity. Loop Sub-Process Maps to a WhileActivity. Multiple Instance Sub-Process Maps to a ReplicatorActivity. Ad-Hoc Sub-Process Compensation Sub-Process Maps to a CompensateHandlerActivity. Task Maps to any atomic … Continue reading

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